What We Basically do

History: Started with passion.

It all started at our founder’s bedroom where he collects, listens and also finally forced to sell some of the gems as the collection grows larger. That was 2012, a decade ago where Mastersound has now expanded rapidly ever since. Today, we help many talented artists to release their collection into a pristine medium where sounds will never be compressed, vinyl record.

Now: Creating the ecosystem.

From now on, it has been our goal to do our best to make music industry’s ecosystem better for all the key players. From the artists until the listeners. While our operation scale limits us in some areas, we are keen to help and work with talented artists to excel their career in the music industry. Furthermore, we are establishing a professional and solid foundation beyond areas to build the ecosystem and make the industry as prosper as never been before.

Future: Leaving Legacy.

It has always been a hard topic to discuss, but we do believe in leaving a good legacy behind. We do believe in working hard to create something that will be positively enjoyed, thought and remembered years later. All the things that we do might be small things, but we do it with our heart and we do it good so we can leave a good legacy behind.

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