contributing to the industry since 2012

Humble Beginning

We started our journey by collecting and selling vinyl records at home. In 2014, we started to welcome music lovers to our record-store in a shopping center located in Central Jakarta. Right after that, we haven’t stopped expanding to contribute to something we really love,
the music industry.


Partner of
International Brands and Labels

On top of being an authorized dealers, we distribute branded record players as well as vinyl records from international labels all over the world to retail stores as well as directly to customers through our own retail channel. We gained a mutual partnership with brands like Gadhouse, Crosley and others to distribute their products in the region.

We believe in distribution as the key for a successful music industry. Whilst the digital world has enabled music distribution to be easier than ever before, physical music will always play a role in people’s experience and their heart. Most importantly, it’s considerably also the highest royalty generator for the artists, which we need to appreciate.

Brands we worked with

We Run One of The Best Recordstore in Town: PHR

Originated from the word (Ph)onog(r)aph, we’re trying to get back as much as we can to the roots of music media, that is vinyl record.

We operate 2 retail stores in Indonesia and those might be the largest recordstore in the area in terms of sales and sqm footprint.

PHR Senayan
PHR Online
PHR Bintaro
Mastersound Vinyl Pressings

Proud Wall Of Records

Piringan Hitam Gombloh - Live Gila Vinyl
Gombloh - Live (Gila)
Piringan Hitam Hindia - Menari Dengan Bayangan Vinyl
Hindia - Menari Dengan Bayangan
Piringan Hitam Glenn Fredly - Romansa Ke Masa Depan Vinyl
Glenn Fredly - Romansa Ke Masa Depan
Piringan Hitam Mocca- Day By Day Vinyl
Mocca - Day By Day
Piringan Hitam Nadin Amizah - Selamat Ulang Tahun Vinyl
Nadin Amizah - Selamat Ulang Tahun
Piringan Hitam MS006 Vinyl
MS006 - Great one is coming!

Hands On With The Artist

It is always been our pleasure to help talents to develop their opportunities and excel in the industry. Previously, we have helped numerous artists to release their work on vinyls (a way to monetize their work), which also a way to leave a ‘physical legacy’ behind.
Now from 2022 and on, we are seeking opportunities to work more on the Music Production, Talent Development as well as Marketing/Campaign Services.

We do our best to make music industry’s ecosystem better for all the key players. From the artists until the listeners.

Let's Leave
A Great Legacy

We welcome investors of any kind, from private (angel) investors until venture capitalists to support the dream of making the Indonesian music industry a better place for all the key players.

We also welcome partners to collaborate on great works together with our team. If you would like to get in touch, please leave your details below.

Piringan Hitam Mixed
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